Puppy portrait! #ThoseEyes @laactress30

Puppy portrait! #ThoseEyes @laactress30

People who don't wear glasses:  I wish I wore glasses.
People who wear glasses:  No.
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when u make a mistake


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LISTEN: Eerie and epic music from first official 'The Maze Runner' trailer ›

I just love this. So perfect for the tone of this story!


Lovers - Marcel Castenmiller 

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"I remembered things from growin' up, where I lived, that sort of stuff. And if God himself came down right now and told me I could go back home...If it was real, Greenie, I swear I'd go shack up with the Grievers before goin' back."
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Don’t miss our exclusive interview with all four guys of The Maze Runner movie! We chatted with Dylan O’Brien, Will Poulter, Wes Ball, and James Dashner all about filming the movie in just two months, weaving Glader slang into the script, crazy new information regarding Ben’s banishment, and more.

WATCH: http://t.co/kz9e4duDqK

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